Krone Mega Liner Variofloor

Mega Liner Variofloor

Mega flexible.

The Mega Liner Variofloor offers innovative, practical solutions to achieve maximum flexibility for mixed and packaged goods.

Double-deck loading - For maximum loading flexibility when carrying packaged goods, KRONE has developed the Mega Liner Variofloor. The loading and unloading is only carried out from the side of the vehicle and the rear is therefore equipped with a full curtain. The body can be adapted to take three separate floor sections, each of which can be independently adjusted in height to accommodate a maximum of 66 pallets. Each floor is 4,400 mm in length and has been designed for a payload of 4,000 kg (12,000 with Double-deck) and can be used for transporting loads on pallets that cannot be stacked such as those which are typical for packaged goods. This means that the loading area is used to its full capacity for packaged goods and also that the turn-round times are significantly reduced in comparison to conventional double stack systems with over 20 individual loading beams. Moreover, the Mega Liner Variofloor can be used flexibly and makes planning easier for the dispatcher.

The new trailer from KRONE also has a convincing environmentally friendly aspect. Transport is carried out more efficiently and less fuel is used per transported tonne, which also reduces CO2 emissions at the same time.

The advantages at a glance

  • Double-deck loading.
  • Easy handling of intermediate floors.
  • Flexible use of loading space.
  • Intermediate walls.
  • Centre lifting roof.

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