Krone Commercial Vehicle Group

Krone Commercial Vehicle Group

The right solution for every transport task.

An eye on the big picture – KRONE has consistently applied this strategy for years and has established itself in the commercial vehicle sector accordingly. With the founding of the new KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group, KRONE has positioned itself well for future challenges.

At the start of 2016, it became official. The new KRONE Commercial Vehicles Group was formed by the merger of Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH and BRÜGGEN Fahrzeugwerk und Service Gesellschaften. The previous KRONE subsidiaries such as gigant Achsen, KRONE Used and the trailer factory in Turkey along with the various foreign distribution companies were integrated into the new KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group too.

As there was no successor in the family to take over running the long-term competence partner BRÜGGEN, the Brüggen and Krone families decided together that they would merge the companies.

The companies will be run consistently and strategically together as part of this new alliance. Under the working title “Progress 2020”, the coming years will see all the production sites (Werlte, Herzlake, Dink- lage, Lübtheen and Tire) being linked together so that they all have the same product architecture, organisational structure, processes and a common IT system in use. This will give the KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group a base on which to achieve further international, sustainable and profitable growth in an increasingly competitive environment.

The KRONE, Brüggen and gigant brands will remain unchanged. Synergies will be used in the development, production and purchasing departments to become even more efficient. The new KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group operates as part of KRONE Commercial Vehicle SE, whose headquarters are located in Werlte, Emsland.