Philosophy and sustainability

Philosophy and sustainability

The most important goal is the future.

A company which transports for the future and cares today for the world of tomorrow. Environmental protection is an important subject for the transport industry. This is increasingly pointed out by the VDA (German association for the automotive industry). At Krone, we have been paying attention to sustainability for years in our trailer production. Therefore, we only develop future projects which set new standards in terms of ecology and the economy. Sustainability is also a focal point in our production facilities.

Environmental protection in all areas - In the areas of development, manufacture and sales of commercial vehicles, we have a certified environmental management system. We consistently ensure that emissions, noise and odours are reduced and minimise the amount of waste produced and water used. Within our company buildings, we keep our energy and water consumption to a minimum and also use energy and heat recovery systems. All environmental values are tracked by us in detail, to provide us with comparison values and to help identify weak points.

Products which protect the future - The environmental aspect is clearly in focus when designing our products. A few examples: Transport efficiency. The more that a trailer can be loaded with, the fewer trailers are needed to move. Chassis and superstructure: Here we take advantage of potential savings in both air and rolling resistance. Acoustics: We try to reduce tyre noise and noise when loading. Insulation: With our box-bodies, the Duoplex technology makes a particular contribution towards better insulation and thereby lower energy consumption. So that our trailers work efficiently down to the last detail, we try to design suspension or lighting systems to be more environmentally friendly.

The world of tomorrow is a matter for the boss here - Krone has also set itself high environmental goals for the coming years. For this reason, it is not just our environmental officer who keeps a detailed record of all the relevant data, our management at Krone also takes a personal interest in environmental matters.