Strong arguments

Strong arguments

Krone Trailer

There are many good reasons, quality and service features which speak for Krone. We rely on our solid principles so that your performance can be even stronger thanks to our products. This is something you can count on.

Guaranteed value retention - Krone trailers are always provided with cathodic dip coating and subsequent powder coating – also in the colour you want. This gives the chassis a shining gloss, a high level of resistance to stone chipping and the best possible protection.

Stable chassis - The welded chassis on a KRONE trailer meets all the requirements of the harsh demands placed on it in everyday transportation use. Extremely sturdy and exceptionally resilient during loading and unloading – you can count on this.

Loading made easy - We rely on our KRONE Multi Safe system – a certified solution for securing your cargo. All the requirements for transport safety can be solved in this way. Flexible, practical and reliable.

On the axle – and what an axle it is - We offer you a high-quality, low-maintenance and highly reliable KRONE Trailer Axle at a fair price. Naturally, there are other proven series-produced components available from other quality manufacturers. You can be happy with a trailer fitted with excellent equipment and with the knowledge that if service is needed, you can always get the correct replacement part at any time and everywhere.