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Easy game in hard business


Container transport is a tough business. Frequent repositioning has to be as time-efficient as possible, and the trailer has to be able to withstand a lot. For the multifunctional KRONE Box Liners, however, it is still an easy job, because the container chassis are flexible and stable at the same time. Equipped with many typical KRONE solutions such as traction rear, folding lock or Traction+ system, many challenges can be solved easily and quickly.

With the Box Liner eLTU40 Light Traction and the eLTU50 Traction, Krone introduces two completely new container chassis. In addition, the proven Box Liner eLTU70 in its new generation can now also transport tank containers.


  • Suitable for all common container sizes and yet easy to operate
  • Robust, low-wear and low-maintenance air motor
  • Loading and unloading of 20' containers flush with the rear
  • Intuitively operated locks and extensions
  • Significantly improved fifth wheel loads for 20' containers flush to the rear with the traction rear.


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