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Box Liner eLTU40

The lightweight

Krone Press release Box Liner eLTU40 2 MB

The lightweight

setting new standards

With the new Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction, Krone is revolutionising the chassis market and offering a unique alternative to chassis with a centre extension, which were previously often ordered by transport companies who wanted an improved fifth wheel load when transporting 20' containers flush with the rear.

The highlight of the new Box Liner is the unique and patented traction rear, already known from the eLTU 70. This allows, among other things, a new positioning of flush rear 20' containers; thus, the flush rear container of the new Krone Box Liner is positioned further forward compared to all other chassis and the distance from the middle of the rear locking mechanism to the middle of the last axle is only 565 mm. This results in a significantly higher fifth wheel load and thus improved traction and more driving safety.


  • Own weight from 4200 kg
  • Higher fifth wheel load due to traction rear
  • Robust, low-wear and low-maintenance air motor
  • Loading and unloading of 20' containers flush with the rear
  • Intuitively operated locks and extensions
  • Intuitively operated locks and extensions


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