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Box Liner eLTU50

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The lightweight

setting new standards

The new Box Liner eLTU 50 Traction has - just like the new Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction - the patented traction rear. This enables, among other things, optimised positioning of 20' containers flush with the rear with increased saddle pressure. This means that almost the fifth wheel loads of chassis with centre extension can be achieved.

The following transport variants are possible with this robust vehicle: 2 x 20' (with folding block), 20' in the middle - new also for tank containers - and 40'. With special approval, the chassis can also accommodate 45' containers without front extension. As an option, the new eLTU 50 Traction can also transport 30' containers as well as 45' containers with long tunnel with front extension, without requiring an exceptional permit. In terms of load distribution, the chassis is designed for both two- and three-axle tractors.


  • Own weight of only 4500 kg
  • Higher fifth wheel load through traction rear at 20' flush with the rear
  • Robust, low-wear and low-maintenance air motor for rear extension
  • With 45' no extendable underride guard necessary
  • Intuitively operated locks and extensions


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