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Box Liner eLTU70

Centre extension with traction rear

Krone Press release Box Liner eLTU70 5 MB

Centre extension with traction rear

Now also for tank and swap containers

The eLTU70 container chassis accommodates all container sizes. In addition, different wheelbases and extension positions allow the load distribution to be adapted to 2- and 3-axle tractor units. The vehicle impresses with its comparatively low tare weight and high stability. The combination of center extension and traction rear end achieves top values in the fifth wheel load in the vehicle class with 20' flush to the rear.

In the new generation, the chassis can now also accommodate centrally positioned 20' tank and swap containers with a maximum weight of 34 t. The following features are possible here: 20' in the middle for tank containers with reinforced gooseneck and four locking attachments for the swap container. A central longitudinal beam with storage space for two hoses up to 5 m in length is also available. Also available is a stainless steel drain pan with ball shut-off valve, which can be positioned behind the 20' tank container.


  • Tare weight of only 4600 kg
  • Higher fifth wheel load through traction rear with 20' flush rear
  • Robust, low-wear and low-maintenance air motor
  • Optimal load distribution
  • Intuitively operated locks and extensions


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