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Fair Care For optimum value retention of your vehicle mehr erfahren
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Thinking of everything with certainty


Krone sees itself as a mobility partner and offers a broad portfolio of services and guarantees. KRONE quality does not end at the factory gate. We accompany our trailers - everywhere. We provide our customers with the best possible service after they have purchased one of our products.

Today, the trailer business involves much more than just the vehicle itself; many customers want a complete service for their trailer. KRONE takes up this demand and offers a comprehensive service package.

Today we would like to emphasize our all-round service "Fair Care" and the warranty extension up to 48 months.


  • Minimisation of the risk of failure through regular maintenance
  • All-round service from a single source
  • Full cost control
  • Planning security through monthly instalments
  • Flexible modular service system


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