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Extended warranty

For your full cost control

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For your full cost control


The best possible planning reliability and minimum vehicle breakdowns - Krone has taken up this demand from transport companies and offers an attractive warranty extension for new vehicles. As a matter of principle, Krone grants a warranty for each new vehicle delivered over a period of twelve months. If the customer wishes to extend this warranty, he can decide this at the time of purchase or up to three months after receipt of the vehicle and book warranty extensions.

Krone offers individual packages that include a guarantee for up to four additional years. The cheapest package for the extended warranty period can be booked once as a four-year package; the transport company can book the package for the vehicle types "trailer without body" and "swap systems" for the equivalent of just under 25 euros per month (plus statutory VAT). Further warranty extensions are also available, of course, for the category flatbed semitrailers, dry freight boxes, trailers with bodies and the Cool Liner refrigerated semitrailer, whereby the warranty does not include the refrigeration units. Krone currently offers the extended warranty for vehicles registered in Germany and Austria.


  • Full cost control
  • Planning security through monthly instalments
  • Failure minimization
  • Individual tariffs bookable


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