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Fair Care

For optimum value retention of your vehicle

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For optimum value retention of your vehicle


Service that delivers full performance. The new Fair Care Service ensures that your trailer and semitrailer are supplied around the clock throughout Europe. Because with Krone Fair Care, KRONE offers the option of 24 to 72 months of maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs. And all this in a flexible modular system in which you can combine the services and much more as required. You can choose from three clever building blocks, with packages tailored to your needs.

Upcoming maintenance is followed up by our support team. Our team will contact you in writing prior to any upcoming maintenance. For upcoming regular appointments, simply arrange a desired date with your Krone service partner. A real full service!


  • Minimisation of the risk of failure through regular maintenance
  • All-round service from a single source
  • Full cost control
  • Planning security through monthly instalments
  • Flexible modular service system


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