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Smart Tyre Monitoring

Correct tyre pressure lowers your operating costs

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Correct tyre pressure lowers your operating costs


Incorrect tyre pressure is an easily overlooked cost driver. Regular manual tyre pressure checks are tedious and not always accurate. The Krone tyre pressure control system consists of one sensor per tyre, one central control unit and the Krone Telematics Unit.

The KRONE Smart Tyre Monitoring continuously determines tyre pressure and tyre temperature and transmits them to the KRONE Telematics Portal. In this way, the driver and dispatcher are alerted in real time about too low tyre pressures or too high temperatures and are advised of the necessary steps with recommendations for action.

With KRONE Smart Tyre Monitoring the cost risk of incorrect tyre pressure is reduced many times over!


  • Real-time detection of tyre pressure loss and overheating
  • Extended tyre life
  • Reduced downtimes and more safety
  • Warning signals in real time to dispatcher and driver
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Saves time during daily departure checks
  • Improvement of braking distance and cornering stability
  • Reduced operating costs


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