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SWAP Liner

One chassis, two swap bodies

Krone Press release SWAP Liner 2 MB

One chassis, two swap bodies


With the new Swap Liner, Krone shows how a long hgv type 1 (extended semi-trailer) can easily transport two swap bodies of 7.45 m length each. After the maximum permissible overall length was raised from 17.80 m to 17.88 m last year in accordance with traffic law for this combination, Krone has developed the new Swap Liner - especially for the transport task of 2 x 7.45 WB. Compared to the articulated train, this train combination saves about 1.5 litres of fuel per 100 km.

With the Swap Liner for two swap bodies and a permissible total weight of 40 t, Krone offers a clever alternative to the articulated train and, with the new vehicle, increases the possibilities for use in combined transport.


  • Patented hybrid frame neck
  • 85 mm neck height for more loading volume
  • High Speed Stability Program
  • Transport of volume swap bodies possible
  • Skids for easier splashing open


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