20 new Krone trailers for Sostmeier

20 new Krone trailers for Sostmeier

28. January 2021

New year, new vehicles: True to this motto, the Osnabrück-based transport company Sostmeier GmbH & Co. KG has invested in 20 new Krone trailers. On the occasion of the official handover, which took place in December at Sostmeier's headquarters in Lotte, Krone Regional Sales Manager Mario Blanke handed over seven Type 1 long HGVs, ten Mega Liners and three Profi Liners.

The Mega and Profi Liners will be used by Sostmeier for European land transports. The Type 1 long HGVs are used for regular services; Sostmeier uses them primarily to secure production in the automotive industry.

The new Krone type 1 long HGV offers three more pallet spaces with a clear loading space length of 15 metres. For the vehicle combination (tractor + trailer), only certificates for the individual vehicles are required as proof of conformity. The driver must be able to present these certificates (or copies) to authorised inspectors. The extended semi-trailers are available with the common certificates Code XL, DC 9.5, beverages and tyres and can be specified with many equipment options for the respective application.

Jens Meyer, Head of Logistics Germany at Sostmeier, emphasised the very good and professional support from Krone during the handover. "At Krone, not only the vehicle quality is right, but also the service provider mentality. Krone took care of the TÜV inspection of the long HGVs in an exemplary manner and also organised the driver training. In this way, Krone also lives up to one of our strengths: At Sostmeier, we anticipate our customers' expectations and wishes and work through them efficiently and effectively. This creates trust and thus customer loyalty."

About Sostmeier

Founded in 1927 in Osnabrück, the Sostmeier Group is a medium-sized company that today employs around 1,000 people at 33 locations in ten European countries. Starting out as a transport company, Sostmeier has developed into a full-service logistics provider. The Sostmeier Group's fleet currently comprises 225 tractor units and 355 towed units. As a medium-sized group of companies, Sostmeier offers its customers forward-looking logistics concepts and practical solutions - from worldwide transport to complex contract logistics on 135,000 sqm. see also: www.sostmeier.de

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