4 new Cool Liners for Miniekspress

4 new Cool Liners for Miniekspress

03. November 2020

Stokke (N)/Werlte (D), in November 2020 – Four new Cool Liners from Krone are now in use at the Norwegian transport company Miniekspress Thermo Transport AS. The cooling trailers were specified according to Miniekspress' requirements and offer e.g. an interior height of 2800 mm and double-deck loading with a floor space for 54 pallets. A multiple variable cooling zone division is made possible by an insulated partition wall in the longitudinal direction. This Multitemp solution offers three individually adjustable chambers for the transport of fresh and frozen goods. An additional evaporator, which is accommodated in a space-saving manner on the rear portal, ensures excellent temperature regulation in the individual chambers. A further feature of the new Miniekspress Cool Liner is the equipment with battery operated tail lifts.

Miniekspress offers complete logistics solutions from storage to transport and has specialised in particular in refrigerated transport. Throughout Norway, Miniekspress covers food transport via scheduled services; in addition, the company operates daily from four Miniekspress terminals throughout the Nordland, Troms and Finnmark region, a distance of approximately 1500 km. The Miniekspress fleet of vehicles amounts to approximately 200 units.

Miniekspress focuses on the transport of groceries, including frozen, chilled and dry freight. Miniekspress also transports and stores flowers, as well as medicines or machine parts.

 "We stand by our customers as a professional transport partner, so we always use professional technology for our equipment as well. The Krone Cool Liner meets our high standards; in addition, Krone offers an excellent service network throughout Scandinavia," says Kaj Gjerstad, Operation Manager Miniekspress Thermo AS.

For further information see also: www.nor-log.no/miniekspress



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