Astrid Janke new on the management board

Astrid Janke new on the management board

27. September 2022

Astrid Janke (51) has taken over as Managing Director in the design and development division of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group with effect from April 1, 2022. In recent months, she has been successively familiarized with all tasks by her predecessor Uwe Sasse; in the meantime, Uwe Sasse has started partial retirement as planned.

After studying engineering in Stuttgart, Astrid Janke can now look back on more than 30 years of professional experience in international automotive and aerospace companies, including around 22 years in management positions. In her previous positions, she was responsible for strategy, technology, innovation, research, innovation and product development, among other things.

Astrid Janke not only enjoys an excellent reputation as a highly competent engineer, but also as a proven team player with many years of experience in the transformation of development areas. "In the age of digitalization and networking, the numerous complex tasks can only be solved in a strategic alliance. That's why a statement by Dr. Will Rose is also one of my personal favorites: Success is not measured by how high you've climbed, but by how many people you've taken with you."

Alfons B. Veer, CTO of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, is pleased with the realignment in the design and development division. "For decades, the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group has benefited from the outstanding expertise of our long-standing Managing Director Uwe Sasse, who played a key role in shaping the success story of our company. In this respect, it was a real affair of the heart for us to find a successor who fits the Krone family business not only professionally, but also as a person."

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