RYTLE - Cargo bike concept wins European Transport Prize for Sustainability 2018

06. December 2017

Mobility concept for city logistics in the 21st century

The newly founded joint venture RYTLE of the Krone Group and Orbitak AG was awarded the European Transport Prize for Sustainability 2018 by an expert jury for its innovative cargo bike concept. In the category "Mobility concepts", the young company affirmed itself against renowned industry experts.

The prize was awarded to sixteen companies who distinguished themselves by combining economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection – and whose sustainable action leads to further growth and prosperity of society.

At the awards ceremony in Munich, in front of invited guests from business, politics and science, the jury handed over the prize to RYTLE GmbH.

Managing Directors Arne Kruse and Ingo Lübs were pleased with the achievements of their team: "RYTLE has a mobility concept that networks all aspects of city logistics. We focus on sustainability without compromise. The field phase with the MOVR cargo bike by a global logistics provider was successful, making the last mile or so environmentally friendly and quiet. Particularly in urban centres, people want clean, highly mobile cities. We know that our mobility concept captures the pulse of the times. We have been testing our hardware and software in practice for several months, and were able to convince many service providers. We are honoured that the expert jury decided to award us with the prize, confirming our vision to progress innovatively for humankind."

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