CELSINEO - the new brand

CELSINEO - the new brand

15. March 2019

CELSINEO represents new approaches in temperature-controlled logistics

  • Joint brand of Krone and Liebherr
  • Partnership maximises benefits for operators of refrigerated trailers by combining strengths of both companies
  • Globally unique technology in units for refrigerated semi-trailers delivers optimal results

“The goal was nothing less than a complete revolution,” explains Josef Gropper, Managing Director & COO at Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation SAS, about the project. With the conventional cooling unit concept offering only minimal improvement potential, an entirely new refrigeration system needed to be created to meet the growing demands both today and in the future. For this it was necessary to think outside the box in terms of refrigeration technology. “Rethink cooling” was the task set for the developers. In cooperation with their customers, Krone and Liebherr have defined central requirements for the new cooling system, such as maximum availability and easy servicing. Together with other features, these formed the key parameters of the project. The result of this solution-focused collaboration is not just a new brand and a new product - but also a new product category of a type which has not previously existed in trailer refrigeration technology. It was presented for the first time on 13 March 2019 in the Goldbergwerk venue, Stuttgart, at a joint presentation by Krone and Liebherr. The brand name ‘Celsineo’, which was revealed for the first time during the event, represents a new and revolutionary refrigeration system.

In the case of Celsineo, conventional refrigeration technology for trailers has been re-evaluated. With its patented technology concept, the innovative refrigeration system represents a new dimension in refrigerated transport logistics. The modularity, scalable performance and redundancy allow Celsineo to provide a range of technical features which have not previously existed in trailer refrigeration systems in this form. This gives the Celsineo refrigeration system something totally unique.

Origin of the name Celsineo

The brand name Celsineo consists of two elements: “Celsi”- a reference to the famous Swedish astronomer, mathematician and physicist Anders Celsius. Celsius came up with the revolutionary idea of using a universal scale to compare temperatures around the world. “Neo” comes from Greek, meaning “new”, and highlights the innovative nature of the idea. The name of “Celsineo” is itself intended to emphasise the key aspect of the product.

In the expressive logo, both the word elements of “Celsi” and “neo” are also clearly identifiable visually and are distinguished by different shades of blue. The degree symbol preceding the brand name is a reference to the concept of the temperature measuring scale and to the name Celsius.

The style in which the letter “E” is written in the form of three bars in both cases is a reference to the cooling system’s modularity and redundancy. It symbolises the three modules that, in the case of this product, can be used individually and replaced. In order to highlight the strong partnership between Liebherr and Krone, both companies are also shown with their company logos under the word mark “Celsineo” and with the addition of “A BRAND OF”.

“The new Celsineo brand represents nothing less than a paradigm shift in refrigerated logistics,” explains Bernard Krone, Managing Partner of the Krone Group. “The world of refrigerated logistics has quite literally been turned upside down.” The aim is to convey this visually through the brand positioning. “Re-inventing cold chain logistics means finding new ways” basically means that new approaches have to be found if you want to re-invent temperature-controlled logistics. With this message and the unexpected image world, Celsineo conveys the core values of the brand personality such as innovation, revolution and surprise. This is expressed, for example, in the image motifs in which a refrigerated trailer containing Celsineo technology does things differently and climbs skyscrapers or navigates a bridge from below. This idea and the positioning behind it are conveyed in all communication. The two partner companies will carry the brand and attach their own brand values to it.

Vibrant brand performance

Liebherr and Krone collaborate closely in the development, sales and servicing for Celsineo products and services. The design of the cooling unit was clearly focussed on customers’ requirements right from the start and it uses innovative ideas to solve numerous problems with existing technologies. Liebherr holds several patents which are used for the first time in Celsineo. In the future, Krone refrigerated semi-trailers will be equipped with Celsineo refrigeration units.

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