CELSINEO - the service

CELSINEO - der Service

15. March 2019

Rethinking service provision: the “One-Stop-Shop” principle

  • Servicing and maintenance of refrigeration unit and trailer during the same workshop visit
  • No refrigeration technician required for equipment servicing
  • Tight-knit workshop network: Krone service partners in Europe Celsineo certified

What is the value of being spared long stays in the workshop or repairs by expensive refrigeration technicians? It's priceless. Celsineo provides this.

Easy service with plug & play

The Celsineo concept is based on the very simple architecture of three hermetically sealed refrigeration circuits. These are therefore considerably less susceptible to faults than conventional refrigeration units with a large number of parts. This rules out potential problems right from the start. The modular structure of the Celsineo refrigeration system means that, even in the unlikely event of a fault in the refrigeration circuit, the driver of the refrigerated trailer can complete his planned route without restrictions. In this case, the refrigeration module would be replaced once the route was completed. The Celsineo hotline determines for this the optimal service base, where at a later date a quick and easy exchange of the affected module and re-commissioning by means of ‘plug & play’ takes place

Quickly ready for use

In the case of conventional cooling systems, the special know-how of a refrigeration technician is required for a repair in the refrigeration circuit. The Celsineo servicing is simpler without the need for a certified refrigeration engineer. Trained service staff replace a defective refrigeration module rapidly and cost-effectively within an hour. Celsineo means the trailer can be returned to operations more quickly.

Europe-wide network of service partners

A tight-knit and comprehensive network of service partners in Europe ensures that a qualified and certified service partner is nearby. Servicing and maintenance of the trailer and the refrigeration unit can be completed conveniently together in the same workshop or service centre. This new principle is the ‘one-stop-shop’. This service from a single source provides real added value, as there is no need to visit different workshops. Waiting and downtimes are significantly shortened, service costs are reduced and operating time is maximised.

Celsineo uses the tight-knit Krone service network in Europe, which comes with Celsineo's servicing expertise. A large number of Krone service partners on the main European traffic routes are already Celsineo certified.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Simon Richenhagen
Phone: +49 5951 209-0
E-Mail: Simon.Richenhagen@krone.de