DFDS ‘Pink Trailer’ carries campaign message to ‘drive out breast cancer’

DFDS ‘Pink Trailer’ carries campaign message to ‘drive out breast cancer’

21. November 2016

International freight forwarder and multi-modal specialist DFDS has selected a Krone trailer from its European fleet to play centre stage in a new initiative supporting breast cancer awareness.

In its striking pink livery, the Krone Profi Liner will be seen throughout the UK and Europe as it is put to work on the road and rail over coming years and according to DFDS, the farther it travels the more will be donated to the charity.

DFDS Logistics Asset Manager Louise Connor explains: “DFDS will donate €1 for every 10km the trailer is driven and we will also be doing some fundraising locally in Immingham as there are several colleagues who have been affected by breast cancer. The disease is often severe, with widespread side effects on entire families and we think that with a united effort, this is an area where we can help make the biggest difference.”

Designed for both road and rail, the ‘Huckepack’ Profi Liner is one of over 1,000 trailers supplied by Krone to DFDS over the last year. Of the 3,200 trailers in their fleet, 2,082 carry the Krone badge - of which 1,850 are Profi Liners and the remainder is a mixture of Dry Liners, Cool Liners and Mega Liner curtainsiders.

The Pink Trailer, will not only be highly visible to general onlookers as it travels throughout Europe, but will also be closely monitored by DFDS using its on-board Krone telematics control system.

“As with all our Krone equipment,” adds Louise, “the Pink Trailer curtainsider is fitted with a sophisticated yet easy to operate telematics package which enables our Immingham traffic office to monitor its movements in real time.”

In addition to the actual miles covered whilst in service for each customer, DFDS can identify the trailer’s exact location, payload weight, maintenance and incident status, door openings and tyre pressures. All of which is automatically downloaded onto a dedicated online management system that can be accessed from the traffic office or remotely, using Krone’s bespoke-designed mobile app.

“The Krone telematics system,” says Louise, “improves the performance of our fleet through accurate and robust data. It enables us to drive efficiency across the DFDS Group with a simple, standardised approach. And naturally, we will be able to keep accurate tabs on every mile covered by the Pink Trailer for our ongoing fund-raising activity.”

Commenting on the campaign, Krone’s UK Sales Manager Jason Chipchase is upbeat about the work being undertaken between the two companies.

“This is all about teamwork. For several years we have worked closely together, ensuring that DFDS equipment is specified exactly to match their diverse transport needs. We are delighted that a Krone trailer has been selected to promote this breast cancer awareness campaign and confident that the Krone telematics system will prove to be invaluable both in tracking every fund-raising mile and for the wider benefit of the DFDS fleet.”

Summing up regarding the relationship between the two organisations Louise Connor concludes. “Krone is a professional and passionate company to work with. The trailers suit our business model and they offer quality for the right price. The after sales is second to none and they seem to progress their products through innovation - moving with the times and always evolving - being able to offer the customer new technologies and services which help us to manage the fleet in a better way.”

From its Immingham base, DFDS Logistics oversee an integrated shipping and logistics operation which Serves 20 countries throughout Europe. The company provides an end-to-end forwarding service including full and part loads on dry freight and refrigerated trailers, swap bodies and containers.

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