First Celsineo refrigeration units in the Netherlands for Amex and Baas Warehousing

First Celsineo refrigeration units in the Netherlands for Amex and Baas Warehousing

07. December 2021

Krone is playing an increasingly important role in the transport of conditioned goods, where there is a wide variety. The company has now delivered the first refrigerated trailers in the Netherlands equipped with the new, modular Celsineo refrigeration machine. The trailers were delivered to Amex in Lelystad and Baas Warehousing and Transport in Bunschoten.

Both companies are loyal Krone customers. Amex has a fleet of 40 tractor trailers and, more recently, an officially recognized coldstore. A special feature of the trailers is that they are equipped with a double loading platform. For transports to France, Amex uses the new Krone Duoplex refrigerated trailer. "There, we mainly arrive in the northern half in or around the larger cities," says Jaap Wisse, owner of Amex. Amex is convinced that Krone and Liebherr have done a good job in preparing the new Celsineo refrigeration machine.

Significant increase seen in refrigerated Transports

Krone is also the trailer of choice at P. Baas. The family-owned company has been in business for 106 years and carries the name "Royal." It has a fleet of 25 tractor units, which are used to handle most distribution tasks within a radius of around 350 kilometers around the company. "The share of refrigerated transport has increased significantly in recent years, and Krone has grown with us, so to speak. What we like about Krone is the relatively fast delivery of trailers and the whole after-sales service around it. The new Celsineo refrigeration unit is part of the whole package. We are convinced that Celsineo will be the future of refrigerated transport," explains Managing Director Henk Vedder. "In recent years, warehousing activities have become more important. We have 8,000 pallet spaces and another 22,000 spaces in the near future in our fully automated cold storage."

About Celsineo

The Celsineo modular refrigeration unit is a Krone and Liebherr development and features three refrigeration modules. The modules of CELSINEO can all be controlled individually. This results in more precise control of the temperature in the loading area. Uninterrupted cooling is ensured by simultaneous cooling and defrosting. The system covers numerous application areas, making the overall trailer system even more versatile. Krone Nederland expects to deliver many more such machines on its Duoplex refrigerated trailer in the near future.


Convinced by the Celsineo refrigeration unit: from left to right: Theo Noortman, Amex; John Zeller, Krone; Henk Vedder, owner Baas; Vincent Vedder, Baas *This photo was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.

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