Four new Krone liners for Schuon

Four new Krone liners for Schuon

21. January 2020

Kaizen - this is the motto of the Baden-Württemberg forwarding agency Schuon from Haiterbach. Kaizen comes from Japanese and stands for improvements for everyone, always and everywhere. In order to further improve its fleet, Schuon Logistik GmbH ordered two new Profi Liners and two new Dry Liners, which Norman and Horst Schuon have now received in Herzlake. This means that Schuon now has a total of 25 Krone vehicles in use, which corresponds to a rate of more than 83 percent for a fleet of 30 trailers.

"We appreciate the competent and personal service provided by Klaus Foser and, of course, the very good vehicle quality," emphasised Managing Director Norman Schuon on the occasion of the collection. "Since 2003, Schuon has been growing continuously together with its customers, and the customers are growing with us," commented company owner Horst Schuon, drawing parallels with the development of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group. "When we express ideas or special vehicle requests, we always have a contact person at Krone with whom we can discuss our concerns at eye level. Thanks to the open and direct dialogue, Krone also learns from its customers".

Krone Regional Sales Manager Klaus Foser thanked Schuon for the many years of trust and the fair and cooperative relationship. At the same time, he took the opportunity to lead the guests from the Black Forest not only through the ultra-modern Brüggen plant in Herzlake, where the Krone Dry Liners are manufactured, but also through the new Krone Coating Centre at the Werlte site, where the two Schuon Profi Liners are currently being produced.

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Schuon Logistik stands for fulfilment, supply chain management, warehousing, logistics tools, goods handling, transport, logistics outsourcing and quick and easy storage. The logistics service provider currently has around 100 employees and offers approx. 75,000 sqm of storage space, including 150,000 pcs. pallet storage area / shelf space as well as 15,000 sqm of order picking and flat storage area. The handling volume is currently 4000 pallet movements per day and 8000 parcel movements per day. Further information is also available at:

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