IAA Novelties

KRONE Smart Trailers for the Future Smart Trailers for the Future

Krone demonstrates intelligent networked transport solutions at the IAA - Get connected – This is Krone's motto for this year's IAA 2016. "We consciously chose this guiding principle, since the goal of a networked, digitalised world is now within our grasp.

Krone container chassis eLTU 70 - Fully flexible for all container sizesFully flexible for all container sizes

Sturdiness and flexibility are fundamental virtues in the modern container transport sector. In particular, the ability to carry different container sizes with the same transport chassis has gained huge importance for transport specialists.

Thanks to adhesive technology, the best floor quality for 25 yearsThe best floor quality for 25 years

Anniversary at Krone: Naturally, for 25 years, every trailer floor has been firmly secured to its chassis.

HGV combination with fixed superstructureHGV combination with fixed superstructure

Krone has consistently applied and developed its expertise in trailer superstructures. This is enabled, among other things, by the merger of Krone and Brüggen, which has also brought about improved process control.

Krone Easy RiderKrone Easy Rider - Five tons across the range

Krone continues to build its expertise in the tyre sector and has once more improved the quality of its own "Easy Rider" range.

Krone TelematicsOpen to all in times of logistics 4.0

Transport operators cannot always be in the vicinity of their trailers. For this reason, Krone developed a telematics system.

New roller tracks for easy loadingNew roller tracks for easy loading

Driver relief through rolling instead of hauling - Especially with parcel logistics, speed is of the essence. To allow even faster loading and unloading of swap containers, Krone now offers roller tracks on stowable loading tables.

Krone presents the Trailer Evaluation Tool and Trailer Efficiency App Trailer Evaluation Tool and Trailer Efficiency App

Smart trailer - How can I increase the efficiency and profitability of my fleet? Carriers ask themselves this question every day.

Electrically-driven sliding door for CEP vehiclesElectrically-driven sliding door for CEP vehicles

Efficiency through electronics - Even faster and much easier – in keeping with this motto, Krone is offering a new electrical sliding door for CEP vehicles.

Krone presents load retaining curtains for the clothing transport sectorLoad retaining curtains for the clothing transport sector

Every clothing carrier is familiar with this problem: During the transport of bags of clothing, the side curtains bulge out and the permissible total vehicle width of 2,550 mm is often exceeded.

New Isowall PLUS for the Cool LinerNew Isowall PLUS for the Cool Liner

Easy to operate and lightweight- Lightweight, thermally efficient and easy to operate – these criteria characterise the new Krone Isowall PLUS, now available for the Cool Liner range from Krone's in-house production in Lübtheen.

Krone shows the new Krone shows the new "Multi Grid" load securing system

Belt net instead of locking rods - With the new Multi Grid system, Krone presents an innovative alternative to load securing without the need for costly locking rods.

Krone's patented Ice Protect EasyKrone's patented Ice Protect Easy

Sheets of ice on the trailer roof – no thank you!- Severe accidents or dangerous situations for road users, pedestrians or for the driver himself arise as a result of failing to remove sheets of ice and lumps of snow from the vehicle roof.

New refrigerated trailer disinfection solution from KroneNew refrigerated trailer disinfection solution from Krone

Significantly more food safety through sterility - Every temperature-controlled transport operator is familiar with the following problem: while the refrigerated trailer is on the road, there is no efficient means of eliminating mould and bacteria that develop during the transport of a wide variety of different foodstuffs.

Uncoupling gantry beam for swap flatbedsUncoupling gantry beam for swap flatbeds

Raising roof operation when doors are closed - Significantly shorter loading times for loading cargo from the sides and increased loading height for the rear gantry – these two strong arguments speak for the new, uncoupled gantry beam for swap flatbeds, introduced by Krone for the first time at the IAA.

Krone trailer axle maintains its successful courseKrone trailer axle maintains its successful course

New Krone drum axle at the IAA - The Krone Trailer Axle made its début at the IAA 2014. Two years later, about 25,000 Krone trailer axles are in operation.

Krone Coil Liner CompactA light-weight for heavy-weights

Krone's new Coil Liner Compact with innovative load securing - With its new Coil Liner Compact, Krone offers a semitrailer, which has been tailor-made specially to meet the requirements of steel transporters.

Easy, quick, safe: Spring steel instead of plug-in lathesEasy, quick, safe: Spring steel instead of plug-in lathes

The new load securing curtain - Krone Safe Curtain - The name says it all: With Krone's new load securing curtain Safe Curtain, high-strength spring steel strips are integrated in vertical PVC tunnel pockets in the side curtains.