Krone Coil Liner Compact

A light-weight for heavy-weights

22. September 2016

Krone's new Coil Liner Compact with innovative load securing

Werlte, August 2016 – With its new Coil Liner Compact, Krone offers a semitrailer, which has been tailor-made specially to meet the requirements of steel transporters. The dead weight of the trailer is below 5,000 kg, which increases the payload and allows the transport of particularly heavy coils or of large quantities of slit strip.

The Coil Liner Compact is a further development of the proven Coil Liner Ultra. The significant changes are the shortening of the vehicle's length to 10 m as well as the shortened coil trough to a length of 6.3 m. Another special feature of the vehicle is the new Vario Coil System. With this, Krone has created an innovative solution for the load securing of coils. The new load securing system is based on two integral grid rails in the side beams. With these grid rails, coils and slit strip of mixed dimensions and weight can be loaded onto the vehicle's centre of gravity. Operators can also dispense with the usual securing system using posts, which were needed up until now. The grid rail allows the support beam and the struts to be placed as required at 200 mm intervals. The load is secured by the plug-in posts which are supported in turn by the struts.

Conclusion: The Coil Liner Compact, including the innovative Vario Coil System, means that Krone offers a practical solution for all steel transport specialists who are looking for the highest possible payload and who also value a flexible load securing system.

zip PR: Krone's new Coil Liner Compact with innovative load securing zip (16 MB)

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