New Krone Dolly for long HGVs with hydraulic steering

New Krone Dolly for long HGVs with hydraulic steering

22. September 2016

Legally compliant and more efficient than ever

At the IAA, Krone is exhibiting a new Dolly with a hydraulic steering system for use with longer HGVs. The new steering system is characterised by a rotatable drawbar, a self-steering front axle and a robust and low-maintenance hydraulic steering system.

The drawbar is connected via a continuous vertically aligned shaft; this is connected to the chassis with screwed bearing units which are fitted with low-maintenance ball joint bearings. The axle is steered by two separate hydraulically connected circuits.

The master cylinders connected to the drawbar control the steering cylinders which influence the front axle. The steering system is essential for the long HGV trailer to perform a turning circle compliant with the "BO-Kraftkreis" (a German turning-circle test).

The drawbar and the self-steering axle enhance the mobility of the vehicle combination and reduce wear and tear of the tyres. At the same time the flexibility of the dolly vehicle is increased by the master cylinders which can be easily adjusted and adapted to the appropriate vehicle combination. A range of linkage points on the master cylinders provide for different transmission ratios on the axle and enable adjustment to various trailer combinations in the long HGV/trailer combination sector.

Another benefit: This new steering concept has not only resulted in a low-maintenance overall system. The new concept has also reduced the total vehicle weight by approx. 200 kg and thereby increased the potential payload.

Being able to choose where to position electric and air connections is an advantage when it comes to simple wiring, the options being the connection consoles either in the middle, on the left or the right. Conclusion: Thanks to the new Dolly with hydraulic steering, Krone provides a smart solution with which the long HGV can be driven in even more comfort.

Background: The increasing volume of freight traffic in the years to come demands new transport solutions and vehicle combinations in Germany and across Europe. Long HGVs can make a significant contribution to meeting this challenge. To fulfil the strict requirements of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), Krone has equipped the Dolly vehicle with hydraulic steering and a rotatable drawbar.



Neues hydraulisch gelenktes Krone Dolly für Lang-Lkw zip PR: New Krone Dolly for long HGVs with hydraulic steering zip (9 MB)

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