New roller tracks for easy loading

New roller tracks for easy loading

22. September 2016

Driver relief through rolling instead of hauling

Especially with parcel logistics, speed is of the essence. To allow even faster loading and unloading of swap containers, Krone now offers roller tracks on stowable loading tables. The principle is quite simple: Guide rails are placed on the unfolded loading tables and are securely locked with two studs. The packages are then pushed into the swap container over the rollers with minimum effort. This reduces the driver's workload considerably, since they do not only save time, but also reduce physical effort compared to manually loading and unloading the vehicle. The roller tracks can remain under the parcels during transport. By easily changing the position of the stoppers the parcels can be secured in any position. When the loading tables are folded up, the 14 kg roller tracks are easily and quickly stowed on the front wall.

Conclusion: The flexible roller tracks not only increase the efficiency of parcel logistics; they also often eliminate laborious manual handling, which can have a positive effect on the driver's health.

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