Krone Telematics

Open to all in times of logistics 4.0

22. September 2016

Krone Telematics

• Individual situations are grouped into an all-in-one solution
• All information at a glance
• One system for truck and trailer

Transport operators cannot always be in the vicinity of their trailers. For this reason, Krone developed a telematics system. With its numerous functions, KRONE Telematics ensures that the carrier can be informed online about the location, condition or temperature of their cargo at any time.

Krone Telematics uses a manufacturer-independent telematics platform. Accordingly, different types of telematics systems can be displayed using one portal solution in a simple manner. Various isolated solutions are combined and provided as an all-in-one solution.

Independent of the vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer or hardware installed, the user has their own individual user-specific access and can therefore access all data provided.

In the past, two systems were needed to query the data from the tractor unit and the trailer. Now, thanks to newly created interfaces, the dispatcher receives all the important information about the complete vehicle at one glance. This not only makes the day-to-day work of the dispatcher easier, it also saves time and money.

The new Krone Telematics system automatically produces reports which not only take into account all previously reported data but are accessible online by all authorised users of the system. Thereby at any time, the operator can obtain information about each trailer in the fleet.

Krone Telematics at a glance

Efficient trailer tracking.
Using the telematics function ”Position“, information can be continually retrieved regarding the location of transport units via GPS, and accordingly, efficient proactive dispatching can be scheduled.

Perfect for locked goods. The door control.
Special door sensors monitor the doors and shutters. Any type of manipulation can be ruled out, while monitoring of goods is flawlessly documented.

Staying cool with less effort. The temperature control.
Temperature reports, default alarms and refrigeration data are continuously monitored, transmitted and documented for 18 months.

Know what is going on. The technology package.
With the technology package, you are always informed about the condition of specific trailers. From EBS data readout to coupling sensor. You are therefore informed in due time about upcoming maintenance and scheduling can be coordinated.

Inseparable. The coupling status.
The coupling status function always keeps operators informed about the status of their trailer. With this function, you can precisely track which vehicles in your fleet are currently attached to a tractor unit.

One for all. The integrated temperature recorder.
Thanks to the certified temperature sensor used by Krone Telematics, a separate temperature recorder is no longer required on the refrigerated vehicle. Krone takes care of the duties of the refrigeration unit recorder. The temperature data can be compiled in individually selectable time slots. The certified temperature profiles of the cold chain can therefore be summarised directly as a document and be provided to the customer before the goods are received.

Production exchange. Wireless communication.
With Krone Telematics Smart Collect, the loader, driver and dispatcher can communicate via WLAN – this makes processes much easier. Important documents such as transport documents, certificates, maintenance documents and general information are available in digital form.

Krone Telematics Smart Scan. The intelligent load compartment monitoring.
Thanks to the Krone Smart Scan intelligent load compartment monitoring, load capacities can be even better exploited in the future. With Krone Smart Scan, dispatchers can receive rapid and reliable information regarding the exact location and amount of cubic metres available in the trailer and thus can plan for additional loads.

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