IAA Novelties

Cool and Smart at the IAA 2018

At the IAA 2018 in Hanover, Krone will present the Cool Liner Duoplex Steel in the double-deck version with smart telematics features. The Cool Liner stands for the temperature-controlled transport of foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and frozen products as well as plants and sensitive electronic components.

Krone Trailer axles now also for volume vehicles
Krone Trailer axles now also for volume vehicles

Just in time for the IAA 2018 in Hanover, commercial vehicle manufacturer Krone has expanded its portfolio of in-house components. Krone as a partner for all aspects of trailers offers not only vehicles and services, but also axles from our own production. The Mega axle with disc brake is now available for volume vehicles. However, the decisive design measure is the particularly low tires of the Mega Trailer with 19.5 inches.

Cross-border transports with Profi Liner TIR

Krone as a globally active mobility consultant presents the Profi Liner TIR at the IAA 2018. This sliding curtain for international road transport is equipped with special closure technology. The customs seal rope also secures the tarpaulin tensioners against unauthorised access to the cargo area.

The new load securing tarpaulin - Krone Safe Curtain

Krone presents its Safe Curtain load securing tarpaulin at the IAA 2018 in Hanover. The name says it all: The Safe Curtain cargo securing tarpaulin from Krone features high-strength spring steel strips integrated in vertical PVC tunnel pockets on the side tarpaulins. Thanks to this technology, Krone offers load securing by side tarpaulin, which does without classic side slats. Advantage: Not only is the Safe Curtain easier, safer and faster to handle, but it also saves weight: Compared to conventional side curtains with side slats, the Safe Curtain is around 90 kg lighter.

Krone is committed to the last mile

The startup RYTLE will be present at the IAA for the first time. The joint venture between the Krone Group and Orbitak AG offers a new mobility concept for city-friendly logistics, against bottlenecks and traffic congestion. The integrated and networked concept of the Bremen-based company redefines city logistics. Innovative cargo bikes, so-called MovR, standardized boxes and mobile city hubs network with drivers and receivers for environmentally friendly delivery on the last mile.

New online portal Krone Used is launched

At the IAA, the Krone Nutzfahrzeug Group will present its online portal for used vehicles with its Krone Used division. This improves its presence and accessibility on the market. Krone Used bundles its strengths and shows its portfolio of used vehicles at www.krone-used.com The new online sales portal for used vehicles unites the international locations and offers central access to all vehicles.

Krone launches Claim Care

The vehicle manufacturer Krone is digitizing its trailer services. With the App Claim Care, those involved in the service report their concerns digitally, quickly and easily. The transparency of Claim Care accelerates processing and shortens vehicle downtimes.

Krone offers a favourable extension of the warranty

The Krone Commercial Vehicle Group sees itself as a mobility partner and offers a broad portfolio of services and guarantees. Every new Krone vehicle comes with a twelve-month warranty.

KRONE presents intelligent load space detection
Krone presents intelligent load space detection

At the IAA 2018 in Hanover, Krone presents its Smart Scan load compartment detection system. Load capacities are detected and better used thanks to the intelligent load space detection Krone Smart Scan.

Krone presents Smart Capacity Management

At the IAA 2018 in Hanover, Krone will show the networking of its Krone Telematics with freight exchanges. In freight exchanges, freight forwarders, as providers of cargo space, come together with freight providers and negotiate the transport of goods.

Krone presents Smart Track and Trace

Krone presents its Smart Track and Trace recognition system for load carriers, which has been nominated as Trailer Innovation 2019, at the IAA 2018 in Hanover.

Krone presents Smart Trailer Check

At the IAA 2018 in Hanover, Krone will be showing Smart Trailer Check: the digital visual inspection of the trailer using augmented reality. Augmented Reality means visual overlapping or fade-in of images with the real environment. Krone has been nominated with Smart Trailer Check for the "Trailer Innovation 2019" award.

Krone launches its own tyre pressure monitoring system

At the IAA 2018, Krone will present its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for commercial vehicles. The tire pressure monitoring system displays tire air pressures and temperatures in real time and supports drivers and logisticians in preventive maintenance of the vehicle. The Smart Tyre Monitoring system is linked to Krone Telematics. From 2022, tire pressure systems will be required by law and regularly installed on the vehicle.

Krone presents Smart Birdview

Krone presents its Smart Birdview system for all-round visibility and manoeuvrability of the trailer at the IAA 2018 in Hanover. With Birdview, the driver has an overview of the immediate surroundings of the trailer, drives safely and avoids shunting damage and accidents in confined spaces.

KRONE shows Profi Liner with Smart Scan and Birdview

At the IAA in Hanover, the vehicle manufacturer Krone from Lower Saxony will present the Profi Liner with intelligent Smart Scan load space detection and all-round view via Smart Birdview. In the Profi Liner, Krone combines patented vehicle equipment with intelligent services for more efficient transport.

Krone Container Chassis manoeuvrable in container traffic

Krone offers a wide range of container chassis. The Box Liners are perfectly tailored to the future needs of the container transport industry, as these vehicles are often used for decades.

Krone CEP Shuttle only with battery

Around 3.2 billion parcels are shipped and delivered in Germany every year; due to the continuing boom in online trading, the number is growing. More city-friendly delivery vehicles are in demand - like the CEP shuttle, with which Krone conquers the last mile.