Krone Container Chassis manoeuvrable in container traffic

Krone Container Chassis manoeuvrable in container traffic

20. September 2018

Compact rear brings more payload for 20-foot containers

Krone offers a wide range of container chassis. The Box Liners are perfectly tailored to the future needs of the container transport industry, as these vehicles are often used for decades.

Innovation IAA 2018: Compact rear on multifunction chassis SDC 27 eLTU70, SDC 27 eL20 and SDC 18 eL20

Centre telescopic chassis are increasingly ordered, as the shortening of the wheelbase for rear-flush 20' containers means an improvement of the semitrailer load and thus the drive axle load. For a 25t 20' container you can gain about 700kg of trailer load.

By the new patented Compact rear one achieves again approx. 1t additional saddle pressure, and that with relatively simple means. In conjunction with further optimisation measures, an extremely flat underride guard reduces the distance between the rear twist lock and the centre of the rear axle to 565 mm. Without Compact rear 700 to 900mm are usual here. The associated shift of the container's centre of gravity to the front proves to be a greater advantage than the centre telescope in terms of improved semitrailer load. This can be further improved by the Traction+ system. A pressure ratio control ensures that the two rear axles are loaded with up to 16t and 18t respectively and that the first axle is driven with a lower bellows pressure. This also ensures a significantly improved fifth wheel load in the partial load range.

Equipped in this way, the eLTU70 with a container weight of 25.4t (20' rear-flush) has a semi-trailer load of almost 6t, i.e. approx. 1t more than chassis without Compact rear. With a container weight of 28.2t (20' rear-flush), the maximum aggregate load in combined transport of 27t is reached. These are absolute peak values.

At the same time, the Compact rear was also introduced on the 20' only chassis SDC 27 eL20. Here, too, the container moved forward ensures a noticeable improvement in load distribution and Traction+ further improves the situation. Rear-flush 20' containers with a weight of approx. 28t can be transported with the prescribed drive axle load of 25%. This is precisely what has been increasingly controlled recently. The model without compact rear did not make 25t. In combined transport, the permissible 27t aggregate load is not exhausted even with a 31t container.

KRONE Box Liner SDC 27 eLTU 70

In addition to the Compact Tail mentioned above, this Box Liner has other advantages. A low dead weight of 4600kg in the basic version ensures high payloads.

Containers from 20' to 45' can be transported with both two-axle and three-axle tractors with optimum load distribution due to the possibility of selecting different wheelbase positions. An operating guide with coloured markings facilitates the correct setting of the container positions. The rear extension can be extended either manually or by means of a pneumatic motor. The pneumatic motor has the advantage of a longer service life compared to conventional air cylinders.

The rear lights are housed in the rear container beam, protected from damage. With front extension, 45' containers with long tunnel can also be transported without special permission. In intermodal transport cases, 45' containers with a total length of 16650mm can also be transported. The chassis also offers this possibility and thus creates more space for the cables and lines between tractor and chassis. A generator set from Genmark, specially developed for this chassis, rounds off the range. A low dead weight and an efficient permanent magnet generator characterize the compact Genmark gene set. To minimize the risk of damage through kerb contact, the unit is mounted on the left.

Box Liner SDC 18 eL20 and SDC 27 eL20

The two chassis types have been considerably improved in load distribution and payload by the Compact Rear described above.

The two-axle chassis with the 2x10t unit is out of the range, as the SDC18 eL20 with Compact rear can carry the identical container weights with more semitrailer load due to the better load distribution. Otherwise, these chassis are proven robust and practical. Protected tail lights and stable impact buffers make them suitable for ramps.

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