Krone is committed to the last mile

Krone is committed to the last mile

20. September 2018

Start-up Rytle ensures city-friendly parcel delivery worldwide

The startup RYTLE will be present at the IAA for the first time. The joint venture between the Krone Group and Orbitak AG offers a new mobility concept for city-friendly logistics, against bottlenecks and traffic congestion. The integrated and networked concept of the Bremen-based company redefines city logistics. Innovative cargo bikes, so-called MovR, standardized boxes and mobile city hubs network with drivers and receivers for environmentally friendly delivery on the last mile.

Relieve cities - rethink urban logistics

Booming online trade, growing parcel deliveries and impending diesel bans pose challenges to urban logistics, which RYTLE solves with its patented mobility concept. With RYTLE, logisticians deliver the goods quickly, safely and almost emission-free, because RYTLE makes the last mile green, according to the slogan "We are Greening the last Mile". RYTLE received the European Transport Prize for Sustainability 2018 and the "Green Truck Future Innovation 2018" award for its innovative cargo bike concept.

RYTLE connects cargo bike MovR, BOX and City HUB

A clever IT solution with its own platform allows MovR, BOX and City-HUB to communicate via interfaces. The idea behind it can be implemented globally: A standardized BOX in the basic size of a Euro pallet is finally assembled by the logistics service provider and deposited in a mobile city hub. In the city area, the logistics provider sets up the HUB directly on the ground like a swap body. The cargo bike called MovR takes over the further distribution. The MovR driver receives a transport order via smartphone and delivers the goods in the BOX to their recipient. The courier driver opens the HUB with his access code and drives - similar to a forklift - in reverse with the MovR to the BOX. It covers and lifts them mechanically. With its powerful electric drive, the MovR cargo bike offers a practical starting aid that accelerates quickly to five kilometers per hour without assistance. The maximum speed is 25 km/h. The cargo bike is also extremely manoeuvrable. All information is networked and the clever courier driver software informs drivers via smartphone about the contents of the BOX and the destinations - including route planning.

The recipient of the goods also uses the customer app to track in real time where the cargo bike and its consignment are located. With its quiet and virtually emission-free mobility concept, RYTLE scores particularly highly, because fine dust and noise pollution increase the need for gentle logistics concepts in cities. Due to its patented design and its compatibility with the Euro pallet, the MovR is particularly suitable for internal logistics. This is especially true in companies that transport small-sized goods on large areas.

Rytle GmbH at the IAA: Pavilion P11 EG B303, B301

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