Krone presents Smart Birdview

Krone presents Smart Birdview

20. September 2018

Smart Birdview on board provides better visibility and driving safety

Krone presents its Smart Birdview system for all-round visibility and manoeuvrability of the trailer at the IAA 2018 in Hanover. With Birdview, the driver has an overview of the immediate surroundings of the trailer, drives safely and avoids shunting damage and accidents in confined spaces.

Three to four cameras are mounted on all sides of the upper trailer body for each vehicle. The cameras map the trailer environment for the driver in the tractor.

At the IAA Krone presents its Smart Birdview system on the Profi Liner semi-trailer. The cameras are mounted on the front and long sides of the trailer and function like rear and side windows. From a protected position, they film the trailer's position relative to its surroundings and transmit these images to the driver in real time. The 270° to 360° view helps the driver when manoeuvring and driving, especially in areas that are difficult to access.

The Krone Smart Birdview is a retrofit solution. After an extensive validation phase, the product will be available from Krone in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Kurt Kunz, head of research/preliminary development and electronics explains: "It is our duty as a vehicle manufacturer to ensure greater road safety. Krone Smart Bird View provides the driver with a better all-round view and supports him in everyday transport".

Ahead by Krone Smart Birdview:

  • More traffic safety
  • Lower repair costs
  • lower insurance premiums
  • avoids shunting damage and collisions
  • Irrefutable evidence for insurance, accidents and legal proceedings in combination with a recording device
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