Krone zeigt Smart Trailer Check

Krone presents Smart Trailer Check

20. September 2018

Digitize visual inspections with Smart Trailer Check on board

At the IAA 2018 in Hanover, Krone will be showing Smart Trailer Check: the digital visual inspection of the trailer using augmented reality. Augmented Reality means visual overlapping or fade-in of images with the real environment. Krone has been nominated with Smart Trailer Check for the "Trailer Innovation 2019" award.

Cameras and sensors mounted on the trailer use augmented reality to record the actual condition of the trailer and digitally compare it with the target condition before the start of the journey. The telematics unit detects data-transmitting systems such as the Smart Tyre Monitoring tire pressure monitoring system or the Door Protect door locking system in real time and documents their status. Non-sensored components such as the vehicle height are displayed on the screen using augmented reality.

The legally prescribed visual inspections and safety-relevant control steps are linked to the digital world via the Krone Smart Trailer Check. This is a useful improvement, as it allows the driver to check his trailer efficiently and contributes to greater road safety. The fleet operator, in turn, has transparency about the current condition of the vehicle. To store the results of his visual inspection, the driver needs only his mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. The trailer check log is available for retrieval in the portal.

Key advantages of digital visual inspection:

  • Adjustment of status values of trailer sensors and components in real time
  • Verifiable and recorded commissioning before departure
  • Protocols as proof of trailer safety during road inspections
  • More transport efficiency and fewer breakdowns through preventive checks
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