KRONE shows Profi Liner with Smart Scan and Birdview

KRONE shows Profi Liner with Smart Scan and Birdview

20. September 2018

All-round visibility and load compartment detection

At the IAA in Hanover, the vehicle manufacturer Krone from Lower Saxony will present the Profi Liner with intelligent Smart Scan load space detection and all-round view via Smart Birdview. In the Profi Liner, Krone combines patented vehicle equipment with intelligent services for more efficient transport.

The simple and safe handling of the Safe Curtain load securing tarpaulin perfectly complements the wide range of load securing systems. With the Safe Curtain tarpaulin, classic side slats can be dispensed with and the vehicle is 90 kg lighter.

Flashing side marker lights signal the imminent change of direction to other road users. The Profi Liner is equipped with flashing side marker lights to prevent turning accidents. The turning process of the truck is much easier for pedestrians and cyclists to recognize.

For better all-round visibility, the Profi Liner is equipped with the Smart Birdview system connected to the Krone Telematics. With the four cameras of the Smart Birdview system, the driver has a bird's eye view of the trailer's immediate surroundings, drives safely and avoids shunting damage and accidents in confined spaces.

The Smart Scan load space detection system detects load capacities and supports logisticians. With Krone Smart Scan, dispatchers receive fast and reliable information on available pallet spaces on the vehicle. The Krone cargo hold detection system, introduced in 2016, has been further optimised and enables digital support and intelligent cargo hold detection by means of camera and sensors. The system was already awarded the "Trailer Innovation" prize in the "Smart Trailer" category in 2016.

Advantages of Smart Scan cargo hold detection:

  • Detect cargo space in real time
  • Avoidance of empty runs and empty storage areas
  • Increasing transport efficiency

The Profi Liner scores with an optimized chassis frame, the weight reduction of the trailer compared to the previous model is 110 kg. The proven Multi Lock outer frame is KTL-coated as standard and is additionally provided with a galvanic pre-treatment.

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