Krone Trailer Achsen nun auch für Volumen-Fahrzeuge

Krone Trailer axles now also for volume vehicles

20. September 2018

In-house Mega axles now in compact design

Just in time for the IAA 2018 in Hanover, commercial vehicle manufacturer Krone has expanded its portfolio of in-house components. Krone as a partner for all aspects of trailers offers not only vehicles and services, but also axles from our own production. The Mega axle with disc brake is now available for volume vehicles. However, the decisive design measure is the particularly low tires of the Mega Trailer with 19.5 inches.

Krone developed the Mega axle on the model of its own professional axle, which has proven itself in the field for years and whose sales figures are constantly growing. The Profi and Mega axles are durable products with low life-cycle costs.

Service-friendly axle

As with the Profi axle model, the good integration of the Mega axle into the overall construction has an advantageous effect. The brake cylinder is mounted between the handlebar and chassis in a protected position. This also makes the Mega axle low-maintenance. Minimum maintenance times reduce the service life of the vehicle. This time saving pays off for fleet operators.

The axle lift can be retrofitted to the Profi Liner and Mega Liner at any time on the first axle. It is also suitable for the third axle of the Mega Liner and can be retrofitted without adjustments to the chassis. The Mega axle also has a clear weight advantage over comparable models, it is 30 kg lighter and the vehicle benefits accordingly from more payload.

In line with the motto "Everything from a single source", the portfolio is being expanded and preparations are underway: piggyback capable Mega axles with drum and disc brakes, a heavy-duty axle with disc brake and another Mega axle with drum disc for road traffic.

The spare parts procurement is uncomplicated, as many components of the Krone axles are identical in construction, e.g. the kits for handlebar bolts and shock absorber mounting.

Warranty for Mega Axle

Krone extends the warranty on the Krone axle to six years without mileage limitation for onroad use within the EU (2014) and in Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Wear-afflicted components of the axle are excluded from this. Krone offers a maximum 3-year construction and manufacturer's warranty for them, excluding natural wear and tear.

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