The new load securing tarpaulin - Krone Safe Curtain

The new load securing tarpaulin - Krone Safe Curtain

20. September 2018

Light, fast, safe: spring steel instead of side slats

Krone presents its Safe Curtain load securing tarpaulin at the IAA 2018 in Hanover. The name says it all: The Safe Curtain cargo securing tarpaulin from Krone features high-strength spring steel strips integrated in vertical PVC tunnel pockets on the side tarpaulins. Thanks to this technology, Krone offers load securing by side tarpaulin, which does without classic side slats. Advantage: Not only is the Safe Curtain easier, safer and faster to handle, but it also saves weight: Compared to conventional side curtains with side slats, the Safe Curtain is around 90 kg lighter.

Another advantage: The integrated spring steel strips also provide vertical anti-theft protection. If the tarpaulin is deliberately cut, only cutting to the next spring steel strip is possible. The repair works just as easily as with a standardised side tarpaulin. In addition, accidents at work caused by falling side slats are a thing of the past.

Safe Curtain can be retrofitted to all common Krone curtainsider trailers. They are available for the Mega Liner and the Profi Liner.

Safe Curtain is certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL (up to 140 km/h), VDI 2700 ff beverage certificate and Daimler 9.5.

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