Krone 360° Trailer Service

Krone 360° Trailer Service

23. March 2021

Europe-wide service initiative

Werlte, March 2021 – With the Europe-wide service initiative "Krone 360° Trailer Service" for trailers and semi-trailers, Krone is starting into spring 2021.

More and more transport companies want to concentrate on their core business and rely on flexible services instead of organising the diverse tasks related to the mobility of their trailers themselves. The focus is also on reliable planning of the fleet and clear cost transparency. With this in mind, Krone has developed its modular service concept. The transport company can choose whether to opt for just one basic module or to combine various modules according to its needs.

With its flexible modular system "Fair Care", Krone offers to take over maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs on trailers for 24 to 72 months. Fair Care is available in three convenient packages that build on each other: "Light", "Basic" or "Complete". This can be combined with the extension packages "Tyre" for tyres, "Cool" for cooling units and "Lifter" for tail lifts, depending on requirements. Furthermore, there is the additional option "Breakdown" for Europe-wide breakdown handling.

In addition to "Fair Care", Krone has other useful services in its programme, including a warranty extension for new vehicles, which can also be flexibly adapted. All services are described in detail on the website .

Krone relies on its well-developed service partner network to ensure that drivers everywhere in Europe can always find the right service workshop quickly and easily. Through the cooperation with Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service alone, there are more than 700 service partners in 14 European countries who offer a comprehensive and brand-independent service for trucks and trailers. Using the Krone Service Locator, which is also available as an app for smart phones, Krone service customers can find the nearest specialist workshops in a matter of seconds.

Krone Managing Director Ralf Faust: "With the Krone 360° Trailer Service, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service programme from which they can put together a customised package - entirely according to their requirements. This allows transport companies to reduce unplanned downtime and optimise their cost planning and total cost of ownership in the long term."

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