Krone Commercial Vehicle Group builds warehouse on the E 233 in Herzlake

Krone Commercial Vehicle Group builds warehouse on the E 233 in Herzlake

23. January 2017

Investment value 8.5 million euros Herzlake.

The Krone Commercial Vehicle Group is building a 8,500 square metre warehouse near European Route 233 in Herzlake to store replacement parts for all vehicles distributed by the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group. A total of 8.5 million euros will be invested in the building, which is set to go into operation in August 2017. The Group plans to create 30 new jobs there.

There have been signs since last autumn that a major building project was under way in Siemensstraße: earthworks commenced in October, and by November the first support pillars started emerging from the ground. To date, three of the four external walls have been clad.

Its size makes the future warehouse hard to miss – the building is visible from the E 233 as well as a number of places in the centre of Herzlake. Michael Rohmann, who will manage the new distribution centre, can also keep an eye on the building works from his office in Boschstraße.

“At the moment I’m on the building site once or twice a day,” he says, looking over towards the Gewerbegebiet Ost, the eastern business park.

The warehouse, which has a footprint of 8,500 squares metres, is being constructed according to a design by architectural practice Rücken & Partner in Meppen on a site measuring 38,000 square metres – the approximate size of five and a half football fields. The interior will provide storage space for 17,500 euro pallets as well as 13,500 crates for small parts. While both the lower floors will be used for warehousing, the top floor will accommodate office space, and will be the new home for Rohmann's team when they relocate from Boschstraße.

In future, all replacement parts for all products in the Krone, Brüggen and gigant lines will be warehoused in the new Krone Spare Parts Logistics Centre. The product portfolio currently ranges from the proprietary Krone Trailer Axle, trailers and superstructures through container chassis to semi-trailers and box semi-trailers. The range also includes CEP vehicles for courier express services.

The warehouse location in Herzlake was also chosen for geographical reasons, Rohmann explains. The intention was to shorten trip times, which is also beneficial from an environmental perspective. The prospect of the four-lane expansion of the E 233 was an additional reason for the group to build the warehouse at this location.

The exterior works should be completed by April. According to the current schedule, the first trucks should begin rolling up at the start of August to deliver and despatch goods. Initially, around 70 staff from administration and warehouse logistics will work there. Brüggen also intends to recruit 30 additional staff. Specifically, staff will be recruited for order picking, receiving and dispatch.

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