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Krone Telematics Portal - Data management simple and transparent

06. December 2022

Just in time for the IAA Transportation, Krone Telematics introduced new standards and services, making it even easier for customers to access their telematics data easily from anywhere. For this purpose, Krone uses an open and downward compatible standard push interface for all partners. There are currently more than 250 outgoing interfaces, but requests are still increasing.

The new services also include "Self Service", which enables easier and more transparent data transfer to all connected systems. This makes it even easier for Krone Telematics customers to exchange data with each other, with third-party providers or with customer-specific applications. However, the customer's control and transparency are not lost in the process. The customer can determine which data from vehicles is released for which period of time. In addition, the customer can control everything by conveniently selecting and deselecting vehicles and various data packages, such as GPS, EBS or temperature data. To protect the data, an automatic generation of the transparency report is carried out. Thus, accidental data leaks or misuse of telematics data are safely averted.

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