Krone Telematics: die All-in-One-Lösung

Krone Telematics: the all-in-one solution

06. July 2021

Open digital strategy for logistics    

Werlte, July 2021 – In order to be able to easily manage different telematics systems via a single portal solution, Krone Telematics relies on a manufacturer-independent platform. Here, the various stand-alone solutions are combined into an all-in-one solution. Regardless of the vehicle type, manufacturer or telematics box used, the user has individual, user-specific access and can access all the data provided. With the Krone Telematics Portal, fleet operators always have an overview of their vehicles, and with the Krone Telematics App, the data is also always available on the move.

With its telematics functions, Krone Telematics ensures that fleet operators have online control over the position, condition or even temperature of their transports at all times. Thanks to the modular structure, they can put together their own customised package. For data-intensive temperature-controlled transport, there are suitable additional modules.
The flexible software architecture of Krone Telematics provides open interfaces through which the transport management systems of transport and logistics companies as well as partners - for example internet portals - can be easily connected. In addition to the flexible standard interfaces, individual adaptations are also possible. In order to ensure the highest possible cyber security despite this flexibility, an enormous effort is made. For example, the encrypted transmission to the backend server is carried out by a device-specific authentication token.

Extremely robust and fail-safe, as well as very powerful, is the Krone Smart Collect (KSC) telematics and diagnostics unit installed on the vehicle, which is also designed in the Krone Group for particularly data-intensive use in large agricultural machines. Another highlight is the maintenance-free GPS solution KSC Solar, which was developed for swap bodies and containers without their own power supply. Thanks to the built-in solar panel, the connectivity of Blue-Tooth sensors and the ability to receive firmware and configuration updates "over the air", this unit is completely self-sufficient and can be used flexibly after installation.

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