Less trips, more efficiency

Less trips, more efficiency

07. January 2020

Toni Hotz Transporte now on the road with another Long HGV

Alexander and Toni Hotz from Offenbach an der Queich recently received their second long HGV in Werlte. The forwarding agency Toni Hotz Transporte had already used a long HGV in the past years and Alexander and Toni Hotz are enthusiastic about their first experiences. "Since we mainly drive cardboard packaging, which only weighs very little, we can carry 56 percent more load per trip with the long HGV and still not exceed the 40-ton limit," emphasised Alexander Hotz. Four times a day the long HGV, a combination of a 2-axle Mega Liner with steering axle and a 2-axle central chassis with swap body, goes on the defined, approximately 62 km long route between Offenbach and Pirmasens, which is about 2500 km per week. Less trips and more cargo lead to at least 20 percent CO₂ savings, Alexander and Toni Hotz calculate.

The two entrepreneurs were also positively surprised by the very good curve running characteristics of the long HGV, the weight distribution as well as the braking distance. Since the braking force is distributed to several axles, the braking distance of the vehicle is significantly reduced. As measurements by the German Federal Highway Research Institute show, the braking distance for a long HGV at 80 km/h is 36 metres. In comparison, a standard truck needs 44 metres to come to a stop. "And last but not least, the long truck also scores points when it comes to ground pressure; roads and bridges are subjected to less stress thanks to the distribution of the weight over several axles," says Toni Hotz.

On behalf of the Krone team, Regional Sales Manager Markus Gemmel thanked the company for the friendly and trusting business relationship, which has now been in existence for almost 25 years. "There are numerous arguments in favour of the long HGV, especially in times of the current climate discussion, and we are very pleased that Toni Hotz Transporte benefits so much from using the long HGV".

About Toni Hotz Transporte

Toni Hotz Transporte, founded in 1990, is a family-run company with currently 60 employees. The company is located in Offenbach an der Queich in Rheinland-Pfalz. In day-to-day business, the forwarding agency mostly serves local traffic; Hotz specialises in the transport of cardboard boxes and automobile parts. The vehicle fleet includes 23 lowliner semi-trailer tractors and 52 Mega Liner from Krone. Toni Hotz Transporte is also a project and test forwarder for load securing and undertakes certified driving dynamics tests with vehicles loaded in a practical manner in cooperation with DEKRA. s.a. http://www.toni-hotz-transporte.de/

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