Light Safety Sandwich Floor awarded

Light Safety Sandwich Floor awarded

06. October 2020

Lightweight, but super safe

For the new Light Safety Sandwich Floor, Krone has now received the Trailer Innovation 2021 award (category safety). The announcement was made during the virtual commercial vehicle trade fair MFB 2020.

The jury was convinced by the new foamed floor, which consists of high-strength special foam with stabilising GRP top layers. For example, the 30 mm thick Light Safety Sandwich Floor has a coefficient of sliding friction of about µ = 0.6 (when loaded with a wooden pallet). The new floor also saves time and money, as the driver does not have to lay out any additional anti-slip materials or can dispense with the lashing equipment that would otherwise be necessary. Krone recommends the use of the new Light Safety Sandwich Floor especially for open building material trailers.

Further plus points: By using the new floor, Krone was able to achieve a weight saving of around 100 kg on the vehicle, which means an increase in payload. In addition, swelling of the core (as is the case with wooden floors) is avoided; likewise, detachment of the coating is prevented - both factors stand for a long service life.

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