RYTLE revolutionize the last meter

RYTLE revolutionize the ‘last meter’

04. June 2019

Clever and innovative solutions for city logistics by joint venture out of Bremen

Environmental zones, narrow streets, traffic chaos and the rapid increase in e-commerce are causing antiquated workflows to stall on the so-called last mile, pushing previous processes to their limits. In addition to the electrically operated cargo bike ‘RYTLE MovR25’, the joint venture RYTLE also offers the standardized transport box ‘RYTLE Box’, a mobile HUB and a software platform that links all parties involved. Through direct coordination between the individual components, efficiency which is focusing on last mile delivery stays in the foreground. The goal is to increase the overall performance by using an effective overall concept. All elements can be used individually or further as an overall system.

In addition to the hardware, the team focuses on a sophisticated IT solution with its own logistics platform, which allows customers to efficiently communicate via interfaces in conjunction with the appropriate hardware. The proven track-and-trace system and other technical refinements connect all parties in real time.

Sustainable and urban logistics - worldwide

Clever, agile and user-friendly - the overall concept gains more and more popularity - both nationally as well as internationally. In more than 25 European cities, the electrically powered cargo bikes MovR are already on the road - another 15 international cities are in the planning phase and will be added shortly. RYTLE GmbH is already active in North America: ‘With the first cooperation in the US in order to produce the MOVR, we are taking a new step towards our customers on this continent. In addition, we are currently investigating the possibility of local production within the Indian-Asian region to meet the demand for system solutions in Asia’, stays Managing Director Ingo Lübs out.

Network and efficiency – the product portfolio of RYTLE

The cargo bike MovR is characterized by a strong electrical engine and ensuing a support-free traction aid, which furthermore does not require a driver license and is tax-free. Additionally, the company offers more products such as the City-HUB produced by KRONE, which can be placed flexible within cities and includes up to nine RYTLE BOXes. All in all, this supports in all respects the sustainable and innovative concept.

RYTLE will also present the proven BOX with a new approach of a mobile ‘work shop’: In cooperation with the professional van racking company BOTT, the new ToolBOX of RYTLE will be demonstrated for the very first time.

Besides this, RYTLE takes the practicality of the product portfolio a step further: The standardized BOX, which is designed in the basic dimensions of a Euro pallet, can optionally be replaced by a pallet adapter – which give further possibilities of implementing the MovR to internal logistics traffic.

The future - innovatively transporting chilled goods

The company does not only impress with the software-supported product range - the user-friendliness and demand are currently leading to a further, highly interesting development: the RYTLE BOX as a cooled version. A suitable concept has been developed with partners in Singapore within the past months.

The future versatility within transport and mobility supported by a coordinated product portfolio as well as the highest national and international expertise – ‘The Smart Move’ is revolutionizing from every point of view.

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