VR-Award 2022 in the category “Education and Training/Manufacturer“

Krone achieves first place: digital working student project

09. May 2022

VR-Award 2022 in the category “Education and Training/Manufacturer“

Krone achieved first place in the "Education and Training in the Manufacturer Sector" category of the 2022 VR Awards. The trade magazine "VerkehrsRundschau" thus honors Krone's digital working student project, which was launched in August 2021. The special feature: Working students at Krone can work not only from Germany, but from various European countries - and are fully integrated into the company despite the distance. Three female students are currently taking part in the project.

Among other things, customer visits for workshops and advisory meetings together with the head of department are on the agenda for the working students, and they get direct access to exciting projects in the Krone Group, for example on the topics of Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics or Web 3.0. They also take part in job interviews for future working students and contribute their opinions to the selection process. "While working students in other companies write business plans and translate Powerpoints, at Krone they are part of the implementation team and get to experience the difference between theory and practice," said Matthias Rode, Head of Human Resources at the Krone Commercial Vehicles Group.

The special level of responsibility given to the students and the strong focus on digitization also convinced the VR Awards jury: "This is a great project for a target group that is often given too little attention in the industry. At Krone, students are truly part of the team and are given valuable, responsible assignments."

The VR Awards, which were presented for the third time on May 5, 2022, honor innovative companies in the transportation and logistics industry. Every two years, the trade magazine honors concepts that are particularly innovative in the areas of "training/careers," "digitization" and "environmental protection" and serve as role models for the industry.

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