Würfel Logistik relies on Krone

Würfel Logistik relies on Krone

19. November 2019

Quality, reliability, flexibility and cooperation based on partnership are the decisive criteria in the selection of swap bodies for the Bremerhaven logistics company Würfel Spedition GmbH. As Karim Gebara, Managing Director of Würfel Holding GmbH, emphasised on the occasion of the recent handover of 2 Jumbo swap bodies for automotive transport: "Our customers expect perfection from us in terms of speed, reliability and flexibility. It is excellent to have Krone as a partner who thinks and acts in the same way as we do in these disciplines". Dr. Frank Albers adds: "Krone also benefits from the long-standing partnership with the Würfel Group. By the permanent exchange also in technical questions we can optimize our swap bodies again and again for the practice everyday life.

As an internationally active forwarding and logistics service provider, the Würfel Group operates a comprehensive fleet of 370 trucks, over 1,000 swap bodies, deep-freeze vehicles, mega trailers, local transport and carrier vehicles as well as container chassis.

Many of them carry the Krone logo. For example, the more than 280 Krone swap bodies that have been added to the Würfel Spedition GmbH fleet in recent years. This is clear proof of the stable cooperation based on partnership, which is also manifested in the current Krone "Professional Partners" printing on the two Jumbo swap bodies handed over.


Würfel Spedition GmbH is a full service provider for logistics, warehousing and forwarding. Founded in 1946, the Würfel Group is a medium-sized company with over 1,700 employees at 17 locations in Germany and Hungary. The Würfel vehicle fleet comprises 370 trucks as well as more than 1,000 swap bodies, the storage areas 256,000 sqm.

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