Krone Carrier System

Carrier System

Constantly good.

KRONE is the leading supplier of highly-efficient and sturdy swap systems. The reason: The Box Carrier chassis have extremely resistant, flexible and functional equipment fitted. This means: Even with high change frequencies, a friction-less workflow is guaranteed. We have made swap flatbeds and swapbodies for decades with an exemplary quality of coatings. They set the standards in the fast logistics business.

Efficiency is always a good result - Changing load units requires efficient solutions. We have developed and built systems over many years which more than meet the requirements of an economic transport workflow.

Always the right solution for all demands - With our modular system for swap bridge logistics, you can find solutions which are tailor-made to meet all your needs. It does not matter if it is simplified platform procedures, safe manoeuvring or fitting with standard components.

Customer benefits – practically implemented - As a leading manufacturer in this segment, we are in constant dialogue with out customers who demand that our systems be robust to deal with their tough daily business. This cooperative development guarantees sophisticated logistics solutions which are made to measure. Their exemplary quality ensures first-class value retention.

When it comes to side curtains, flexibility is key. No desire is left unfulfilled when it comes to KRONE curtain boxes. Be it a fixed roof, Hamburger roof or tarpaulin sliding roof, be it with board walls, curtainsiders, or board-wall curtainsiders, there is a suitable curtain box available for every use.