Krone Box Liner eLTU40/45

Universal containerchassis with tractionheck for up to 45' container, type SDC 27 eLTU40/45

Setting new standards.

With the new Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction, Krone revolutionises the chassis market and offers a unique alternative to a chassis with middle extension, which until now was often ordered by transport companies that put emphasis on an improved fifth-wheel load when transporting 20‘ containers flush with the rear.

The highlight of the new Box Liner is its unique and patented traction rear, which customers have come to trust and rely on from the eLTU 70. Among other things, this offers a new position for 20' containers flush at the rear. Compared to all other chassis, the rear-flush container of the new Krone Box Liner is positioned closer to the front and the distance from the middle of the rear locking mechanism to the middle of the rearmost axle is only 565 mm. This significantly increases the fifth wheel load, providing better traction and greater driving safety.

The Box Liner eLTU45 differs from the eLTU40 due to its additional front extension for 45' containers with a long tunnel. With a B dimension of 12,000/12,150 mm, a special permit is not required. 45' containers with a short tunnel cannot be transported!.

The advantages at a glance

  • Tare weight starting at 4200 kg.
  • Increased fifth-wheel load thanks to traction rear.
  • Robust, low-wear and low-maintenance pneumatic motor.
  • Loading and unloading of 20' containers flush with the rear.
  • Optionally with 20' lock mechanisms in the middle.
  • Suitable for tank containers.

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    Technical data

    Type: SDC 27 eLTU40
    King pin load: 16,000 kg
    Axle load: 27,000 kg (technically possible)
    Allowable gross weight: 41,000 kg (technically possible)
    Tare weight: 4,390 kg
    Payload: approx 36,610 kg (technically possible)
    Axle spread: 1,410 / 1,310 mm
    Neck height: 130 mm
    5th wheel height: 1,100 mm (unloaded)
    Distance kingpin - rear end: 11,250 mm
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