Krone Box Liner

Box Liner

It can carry everything flexibly.

It carries everything and always bring their cargo safely to the desired destination. KRONE's container chassis are durable, versatile and well thought-out. Everyday loads from the world of transport are dealt with easily.

An easy game in a tough business - Container transport is a tough business. The frequent changeovers must function efficiently, meaning that the trailer has to withstand a lot. This is an easy game for the KRONE Box Liner, as the container chassis are mobile and stable at the same time. Fitted with many of the typical KRONE elements, such as folding supports or rotary latches, the many challenges can be dealt with quickly.

A wide range – in all sizes - Gooseneck or short-chassis with two or three axles for 20 foot containers: The Box Liner is available in a number of versions. It is also available as a universal chassis for all sizes of containers from 20 to 45 feet, with a short tunnel, long tunnel, or without a tunnel. These practical designs, from two-axle to 45 foot chassis, give you the right answer for every challenge.

The advantages at a glance

  • A wide range – in all sizes.
  • An easy game in a tough business.

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Technical data

Type: SDC 27 eLTU5 Plus
King pin load: 14,000 kg
Axle load: 27,000 kg (technically possible)
Allowable gross weight: 41,000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: approx 5,440 kg
Payload: approx 35,250 kg (technically possible)
Axle spread: 1,410 / 1,310 mm
Neck height: 130 mm
5th wheel height: 1,100 mm (unloaded)
Distance kingpin - rear end: 12,000 mm
- (45‘ short tunnel): 12,760 mm
- (45‘ long tunnel): 12,000 mm
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