Krone Mega Liner Automotive

Mega Liner Automotive

Just in time.

Krone has developed the Mega Liner Automotive as a customised solution for variable height demands in automotive logistics. Practical features such as the EasyTarp side curtains, the hydraulically adjustable lifting roof, aluminium profiles vertically bulit-in to the curtains, in addition to superstructure height adjustment, meant that the transportation of volume goods can now be carried out in an efficient, economical and reliable way.

The specialist for automobile logistics - robust, light, safe and quick - Because the automotive transport sector demands a high frequency of loading and unloading on a daily basis, the Mega Liner Automotive is designed with safety and efficiency as a priority: The EasyTarp side curtain saves a lot of time when opening and closing. The aluminium profiles integrated in the side curtains make time-consuming handling of ‘plug-in’ planks unnecessary. Steel ‘plug-in’ planks are used to secure the cargo at the rear where the sturdy telescopic cross beams are inserted. This horizontal load securing system towards the rear offers the advantage that the sliding roof can be used for loading and unloading from the top without any limitations. The trailer has been equipped with the market-proven hydraulic lifting roof for additional space at the top. The Mega Liner Automotive meets the requirements of Daimler's load securing directive 9.5 and is certified for transporting beverages. Furthermore, the Mega Liner Automotive is certified in accordance EN 12642 Code XL.

The advantages at a glance

  • Only an approximate 200 kg extra weight
  • The curtain buckles cannot be damaged from forklift loading (the curtain is protected at the top behind the external beam and the curtain buckles are protected behind the external frame)
  • 70% time savings when loading and unloading
  • Rear load securing proven in practice
  • Short amortisation/return on investment period

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