DWC Wheel base control

Practical relief of the drive axle

The DWC unit allows a three-axle semitrailer the use of almost the same functions which would otherwise require integration of an axle lift and / or rear steer axles.

Automatic dynamic Wheel Base Control
The wheel base is reduced by easing the pressure of the air bag on the last axle. The resultant theoretical extended rear overhang provides a counterweight for loading over the 5th wheel. Thereby, the 5th wheel is relieved so that the semitrailer can now be further loaded. The dynamic Wheel Base Control automatically checks the load on the first and the second axle up to the permissible axle load and dynamically checks the load of the third axle thereafter. The system can be turned off using Wabco Smartboard.

KRONE DWC - Main functions:

  • Starting assistance – improved traction of the truck (combined with the lifting axle).
  • Maneuvering system – reffectively reduces the trailer wheel base.
  • Wheel Base Control – to avoid overloading the tractor drive axle.
  • Automatic activation:

  • Wheel Base Control through using air bag pressure control.
  • Maneuvering system system for corner control.
  • Starting aid (activated by driver)

KRONE DWC - The Advantages:

For Truck:

  • Relieving the load on the drive axle when the trailer is partially loaded.
  • Reduction in damage to tyres and driving axle.

For trailer:

  • Reduction in damage to tyre on first and third axles.
  • Optimized maneuverability and movement around corners.
  • Alternative to steering axle.
Automatic maneuvering system
Automatic maneuvering system

A reduction of pressure in the air bags at the rear axle of the semitrailer causes the center of movement of the total axle assembly to move towards the truck. Thereby reducing the wheel base in the speed range from 1.8 to 30 km/h. Thereby the trailer‘s cornering is improved. The system can be turned off through Wabco Smartboard.