Krone Paper Liner

Paper Liner

Everyone has this on their piece of paper.

The equipment on our Paper Liner is perfectly matched to meet the requirements for transporting rolls of paper And, just as with every KRONE trailer, its load security is certified independent of the load.

Matched to the cargo Paper is a heavy and fragile cargo. The haulier needs a trailer which is perfectly matched to the goods being transported: such as the Paper Liner from KRONE. The chassis was specially developed in cooperation with our customers and forms the base, short transverse beam spacing, additional cross-members at the rear and the long-lasting steel roller running rails are the perfect addition to it. It makes any point loads during the loading process hardly noticeable.

Comprehensive protection ;Particularly helpful when transporting paper: The KRONE Multi Lock external frame with its multiple strapping points gives you unlimited possibilities to secure the cargo. Four running rails set into the floor for pallet rollers as well as eight plates with holes in the longitudinal direction guarantee additional protection and optimal loading options.

The advantages at a glance

  • Load securing equipment for paper rolls.
  • Excellent paper roll securing.
  • Standard stow box.
  • Smooth running rails.
  • Robust chassis.

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Technical data

Type: SDP 27 eLBP4-CS
King pin load: 12.000 kg
Axle load: 27.000 kg (technically possible)
Allowable gross weight: 39.000 kg (technically possible)
Tare weight: approx 6.750 kg
Payload: approx 32.250 kg (technically possible)
5th wheel height: 1.050 - 1.170 mm (unloaded)
Axle spread: 1.310 mm
Neck height: 125mm
Side access length: 13.620 mm
Side acces width: 2.480 mm
Side access height: 2.575 - 2.800 mm
Outside width: 2.550 mm
Tare weight in Ultra-Design: approx 5.970 kg
Dimensions and weights for standard units Downloads

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